Patricia Murphy, ND, LAc

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine speaks to the heart of naturopathic medicine and acupuncture: find and treat the cause of disease. From a functional perspective, the cause of disease is an underlying physiological imbalance. Imbalances are often asymptomatic and can precede disease by many years.

Functional medicine investigates the history, signs, symptoms, and lab tests to determine the underlying cause of the patient’s problem.  There are many clues in a history and exam that may point to a nutritional deficiency. Standard screening lab tests that are interpreted with a functional lens can uncover physiological imbalances that may be corrected before a disease manifests. If a disease is already present, functional evaluation and treatment may slow or even may reverse the disease process.  Functional medicine is an excellent diagnostic system that helps find the root causes of one’s condition and/or diseases, which is vitally important to assist the healing process.

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