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The Greater Things 4.0

I am a Prepare Enrich Counselor.  I am available for pre and post marriage counseling to couples.
I also officiate Weddings, Funerals, Gravesite Services, Memorials, House Warmings, Blessings and Baby Dedications.

Isle of Inspiration

As one with the spiritual gift of teaching I have been an adjunct Professor at New York Theological Seminary and Lancaster Theological Seminary.  I have taught Introduction to Theology, Preaching Basics, Introduction to Chaplaincy and Biblical Exegesis.

I also have a course that empowers Parents and teachers with helping children with grief and loss.

Eternal Perspective

I have also led and facilitated workshops and discussions such as:

  • When the Elephant Has Left the Room

  • Racial Trauma in the Urban Community

  • The End is Only the Beginning

  • Grief Bereavement Groups

  • The Art of a Hospital Visit

  • Introduction to Palliative Care

  • The Power of Praise and Worship

  • Well up Women

  • Denim and Pearls for the Savvy

  • Where is my Plumb Line?

Isle of Consulting

I have also designed a consulting and healing program for congregations experiencing grief, loss, bereavement at the transition of leadership.

I have also designed a ministry consulting plan to help congregations design relevant ministry that meets the needs of their social location.

I also have a course on helping clergy understand mental health.

Preaching/Teaching: My Work
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